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Increasing globalization has resulted in more and more complex tax-related matters and issues that can’t be covered by national tax laws, any longer. In order to still be able to offer you answers and solutions to all your questions and problems, our expert team at BFMT will lend an ear to your concerns and offer advice concerning the challenges of international tax business, for instance in international business structuring, transfer pricing or to questions regarding double taxation.

Our team consists of experienced, competent and specialized tax professionals who all have been in advisory positions in different branches and for different topics for a multitude of years. They are skilled in taking care of and supporting our clients, and they will offer the same service to you!

To us, stagnation is

We present many years of experience in dealing with national and international tax offices and in DBA interpretation, especially in the United Arabic Emirates, Brasil, China, Greece, Hongkong, Kenia, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Singapur, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and the US. With this experience, we are used to actively participating in negotiations. This also enables us to focus on your needs in an individual manner in order to ensure tax advantages for you. Stagnation, especially in this vast field, means regression; therefore we constantly strive to expand our professional knowledge by regularly enrolling in training courses so we are continuously able to meet constant change in this complex field and to always offer you the most relevant present information.


Due to regular training courses, we can provide you with specialized in-depth knowledge concerning Russian, American, Chinese, Swiss and Indian tax laws. In addition, we can support and advice you in following use cases:


Recognized by international taxation laws

BFTM Group is represented in relevant literature concerning international taxation laws on a regular basis. Among other noticeable titles, BFMT Group has co-published “Finance Bundling and Finance Transformation: Shared Services Next Level”, as well as “Relocation Of A Natural Entity To Gibraltar” in the ISR.

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