IT Audit

Audit and verification of IT guidelines

To be able to provide you with the best overview possible within the complex field of compliance, we have created a separate BFMT homepage that deals solely with compliance.

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Social Impact Audit

Audit and verification of an organization’s social effect

Impact thinking (adjusting activities with focus on impact) is no longer a topic reserved for non-profit organizations. The role of social responsibility that organizations and especially companies hold has experienced a dramatic rise over the past years, both within the business and in external communication. Clients, employees as well as shareholders and investors have increasingly turned their attention to non-financial aspects of business endeavors. Thus, it is vital for businesses that want to secure a lasting position on the market to take those aspects into account in every future endeavor.

Protection of climate and environment along the value chain, fair treatment of employees and the upholding of social standards within the supply chain are required tasks for a responsible business management that exceed law requirements.

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