Tax Advisory

Taxation is the most difficult field in our fiscal system at the moment. Internal and external training ensures adequate answers on all our clients´ questions.

Our clients’ structure

  • Includes all economic fields of industrial enterprises, craft business, trade, freelancers, hospitals, clinics, social institutions and agricultural enterprises,
  • Covers all legal types of small companies, sole traders up to stock corporations
  • And ranges from small companies to companies subject to statutory audits.

Main components of our services are in particular

  • Setting up annual financial statements and profit assessments
  • Setting up determinations of income
  • Representation in legal judicial proceedings
  • Non-profit law, inheritance law
  • Representation in legal judicial proceedings in all authorities (tax authorities, financial council, Federal Financial Court)
  • Setting up tax assessments e.g. Private Equity companies
  • Fiscal Due Diligence audits

Further services

  • Financial accounting and turnover tax advance return
  • Management analysis
  • Wage bookkeeping including all related secondary work