The business plan – start of self-employment


  • Why is a business plan important?
  • Structure of a business plan
  • Marketing and sales
  • Personnel planning
  • Turnover planning
  • Cost planning
  • Profitability planning
  • Liquidity planning

Group of participants

  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Founders


Business planning is one of the most important elements of a company not only in the establishment phase but also during and after establishment. Unfortunately preparation and execution of a business plan are underestimated by most founders or they are simply overburdened. Business and company planning are directly connected to each other and serve as a controlling instrument in the company.

Purpose of seminar

This seminar introduces you to the basics of the business plan, illustrates the importance of an efficient business plan and shows you the single elements of the plan for presentation for financial funding and self-monitoring. In software tools changes and effects of the elements of a business plan are entered “live” to recognize immediately if the company can work profitably.