Management Consulting

Our experienced team of specialists supports you along the total business activity. We give you comprehensive, specific and individual advice on all economic and financial questions.

The importance of management consulting is steadily increasing due to the competitive global market. BFMT Group provides valuable know-how and expertise all the way as a trustworthy partner for your business. For all economic and financial questions you can always rely on professional support of our team of experts. We also provide support for financing and refinancing. In addition our team of specialists assists you in all types of corporate restructuring.

Our comprehensive service covers the following areas:

  • Economic analysis of asset-, profit-, and financial situation
  • Strategy- and management consulting for all stages of a company┬┤s life
  • Restructuring consulting
  • Setting up projected balance sheets and income statements
  • Profitability analysis and reorientation of corporate strategy
  • Management succession
  • Determination of manpower requierments
  • Support for restructuring processes
  • Acquisition of advisory- and superadvisory board mandates