Senior Partners

BFMT Senior Partners - The focus on service combined with an economic way of thinking and social competence plays an important role for us.

StB/WP Martin Trost Tax consultant/certified public accountant Dr. Martin Trost is active as managing director and works as a tax consultant, a consultant for international tax law, a certified public accountant with focus on national and international tax planning and tax optimisation, especially in the fields of corporate taxes, subsidies and subsidies, asset transfer and cross border cases. In addition he advises and accompanies enterprises regarding various economic issues. Martin Trost has an admission as a consultant at the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW). Furthermore he is an author for national and international specialised literature for taxes.
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Dr. Bernd Fischl Dr. Bernd Fischl is an approved and certified founder coach with focus on business planning and corporate financing. He works as a consultant for newly established businesses as well as for young, small and medium-sized companies and has successfully been supporting companies in the search of investors and M&A for years.
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